Institutional Area

The SGIDST at Patna has main building comprising of two constructed block of 1114.0 sq. meter floor area having different activities of the institute. However, the proposed complex which is under process of construction shall be completed very soon having the ground floor of third block and fist floor on all the three blocks of the building and measuring 2042 sq. meter. Thus the present activities of the institute upon completion of all the proposed buildings (3056 sq. meter) shall be equitably distributed
having sufficient area for their growth. Additionally, the institute shall have a lecture theatre complex of 616 m2 having one large auditorium like hall of 175 seating capacity on ground floor and two lecture halls of 48 seating capacity each on first floor with all modern facilities. The detailed maps are enclosed. The availability of space under institute building, lecture theatre, staff quarter and Dairy Plant is tabulated as under:

Sl. NO.


Plinth Area (m2)

Stage of construction

1. Institute Building


2. Boys Hostel


3. Girls Hostel


4. Staff Quarter


5. Proposed First Floor of the institute


Under construction
6. Proposed lecture theatre complex


Under construction
7. Proposed Dairy Plant Building


Under construction


Computer and Internet Facility:
The institute has a well equipped computer center and is connected through LAN for access to internet. Staff rooms and various laboratories have also been provided with internet connection through LAN. Faculties, students and staffs use this laboratory for training/ teaching, computation, report preparation and surfing the net for academic activities. Most of the faculties of the institute have been connected with the local area net work (LAN) of the institute to have broadband internet access and other services at their desktop.

Class Rooms and Laboratories
The institute has three air conditioned classroom having audio visual presentation equipments and modern facilities. A new lecture theatre complex is under construction that shall be having one large hall on ground floor of 175 seats that may be utilized as auditorium as well as for organizing seminars, meetings etc. Two 48 seated lecture halls on first floor having all modern AV facilities and acoustics are also coming up. Engineering drawing laboratory, workshop laboratory, electrical technology laboratory, fluid mechanic laboratory, and Instrumentation engineering laboratory will be extended in coming up new building of Dairy Engineering department apart from existing dairy and food process engineering laboratory.

The institute has a central fine instrument laboratory and six other laboratories. The existing department wise list of laboratories is given below:


No. of laboratories

Central Fine Instrumentation laboratory (DT)


Dairy Technology Laboratory


Dairy Engineering Laboratory


Dairy Chemistry Laboratory


Dairy Microbiology Laboratory


Dairy Economics, Statistics & Management Laboratory


Dairy Extension Laboratory


 laboratories of the institute:

The list of major equipment and instruments including all the departments available with the institute is given below here under. It does not include the furniture & fixtures, store wells, book cases used in the departments and laboratories.

Status of library services & facilities including Internet connection.

The institute has a library located in the institute building. The library has good collection of text books, reference books, few journals, project report and internet facility for reference purpose. Besides this, there is a central university library of Rajendra Agricultural University at Sabour having good number of books on all the subjects, journals, periodicals, internet facility and CD – ROM reference databases to cater to the needs of students as and when required.