Department is planned to impart best education with qualified faculty members and well-equipped laboratories. The department has a well-established U.G. practical laboratory and one fine instrument laboratory for research activities.

Dairy Engineering:

Department is equipped with fluid mechanics apparatus, heat and mass transfer apparatus, thermodynamics, I.C. engines/ Boilers models, workshop technology tools, Electric welding set etc. for practical classes of basic engineering courses. It is also equipped with condensing and spray drying models and instrumentation practical apparatus.

Dairy Chemistry:

Department is equipped with spectrophotometer, colorimeter, pH meter, Flame photometer, Quartz distilled water apparatus, Kjeldhal apparatus, incubator, hot air oven, polar meter etc.

Dairy Microbiology:

Department is equipped with BOD incubator, Sophisticated balances, deep freezer, auto titrator, pH meter, laboratory centrifuge, Colony counter, ovens, distill water jet, laminar flow for microbial analysis and research work of milk and milk products.

Dairy Extension:

This department has modernized extension tools for effective teaching and research. It has audio & visual aids like over head projector, LCD projector, modernized Digital Camera, Laptop, Desktop, various display model kits etc. for practical classes.

Dairy Business Management:

The department is equipped with advanced and well-planned air-conditioned computer section along with Internet facilities. The faculties are well qualified to train and teach theoretically and practically the courses on marketing, finance, statistics, Computer Applications and management too.

Dairy Husbandry:

With the view of enhancing milk production in the state, the Dairy cattle breeding, feeding, production and live-stock management course are taught by experienced faculty members.